Higurashi Daybreak Kai download + English Patch


I’ve been asked for this a few times, and since it’s the day of the Watanagashi, I’ve decided to compile it and put it up on MF as a little gift. This version of Daybreak Kai has already been patched to the latest 1.11 version.

Download all parts, extract the RAR, and you should get a “tasofro” folder (contains a “daybreak” folder inside). Place the entire thing into C:\Program Files.

The MF folder also includes a ZIP of the English patch for it (it rarely works with Windows 7, FYI). Unzip the folder and place its contents into the daybreak folder, run the perform-patch.exe, click on the name of the patch in the top window, then click Apply Patch. You should get something like a daybreak-en.exe in the end. Right-click and make a shortcut out of it to put on your desktop, double-click, and play!

*The patch only covers the menus and battle modes. The story has not been translated, but it’s not hard to navigate so don’t worry about that.

If you’re having any issues, please leave a message in my ask box. Enjoy~

—Satoko Houjou